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Are your kits easy to assemble?


Yes! Our kits come complete with illustrated assembly instructions, pre-drilled holes, and all necessary hardware. Simply follow the step by step instructions and you will be relaxing in no time. The average assembly time is about an hour. A cordless drill is a big time saver!

Kiln dried cedar? Why is that important?

We have all seen weathered wood that is cracked, warped, twisted and bowed. This wood doesn’t come out of the mill in this condition. The distortion occurs after the wood dries naturally in the elements. As the wood dries, it will crack and twist. The way to prevent this is to dry in in a controlled environment at a slower rate than it will dry naturally in the outdoors. This is done in a very large oven, known as a kiln. This greatly reduces the undesired distorting of the wood. If you purchase cedar that is not dried in a controlled environment or a “Kiln dried”, you may not know it until your outdoor furniture sits outdoors for a season. Kiln dried cedar is more expensive than undried or “green” cedar, but well worth it if you want to expect years of enjoyment from your investment.

1” thick cedar. Isn’t that normal?

Next time you are in your nearby big box home improvement store, check out the “1 x 6” boards. It doesn’t matter if it is cedar, pine or any other species. The description will say 1” x 6” meaning 1” thick by 6” wide. Now measure it. You will fine that the thickness is ¾” or less, and the width is 5 1/2”.  This is because the lumber industry lists these boards as the thickness they were before milling. They start with a “rough” board that is a true 1” x 6” then run it through planners to get a smooth surface. The end result is a board that is ¾” thick at most (usually less) that is called 1” thick. Our Adirondack chairs are made from cedar that is a FINISHED 1” thickness, meaning it measures a full 1” thick. As you are shopping for Adirondack chairs, you will find many that boast cedar that is 1” thick. Ask if the cedar is a finished or full 1” thick. It makes a big difference in the stability and longevity of the wood Adirondack chair.

Fasteners? What about them?

Just a brief comment on fasteners. We use stainless steel deck screws and carriage bolts on our Adirondack chairs. Many manufacturers will use nails or staples on their furniture. The reasons are obvious. The cost is minimal and production speed is lightning fast as they can utilize guns or other machinery. If you want to enjoy your chairs for years and years, stay away from staple or brads. They rust and simply don’t last.

Tell me about your hand rubbed PENOFIN® VERDE Brazilian Rosewood oil finish


Our oil finish is hand applied prior to assembly to ensure complete cover and protection of your chairs. This is not a surface finish that can rub off or peal after use. The rosewood oil absorbs into the wood, beautifying and protecting against UV rays. Other surface coatings can rub away or peal, leaving an unsightly mess. Sanding and refinishing can be a major project with surface finishes such as paint and some stains.

To maintain the finish, reapplication is recommended every year or two depending on exposure. Reapplication of oil is a snap. Simply wash the furniture, let it thoroughly dry, and rub on oil. Wipe off excess after 20 minutes. No sanding needed. *Be sure to follow manufacturers instructions on the can when reapplying.


About Penofin Verde PENOFIN® VERDE:


  • Interior/Exterior Formula wood stain

  • 99% ultraviolet Protection

  • No Petroleum Distillates

  • Environmentally Sound

  • VOC less than 1 g/liter

  • Safe for Use Around Children and Animals



Why Western Red Cedar?


Western Red Cedar is a near-perfect wood to use for a variety of projects around the home. Native to the North American West Coast, Western Red Cedar is a stronger and often more desirable alternative to other softwoods for a variety of reasons.


Strength and Stability

Western red cedar lumber is one of the strongest and most stable softwoods on the market. It doesn’t twist, turn or bow nearly as much as other softwoods, making it great for building projects that require both stability and a level of precision. The reason for Western red cedar’s strength lies in its core. The “rings” in the tree are closer together than most other softwoods, giving it more strength and stability.

Weather and Insect Resistance

All wood ages and eventually decays. But some woods just age better than others.

Most softwoods are great at keeping water and bugs at bay, but western red cedar’s tannins make it more resistant than most. Western red cedar lumber stays stronger for longer, giving your furniture an extended life – as well as more consistency and protection.

That Sweet Smell 

Settle into an Adirondack chair made from western red cedar and you can’t help but breathe in its clean, natural smell. It permeates everything from your nostrils to your clothes. In fact, most tailors will tell you to hang your suits on cedar hangers to keep them smelling fresh.

Great for Furniture

Lower end softwoods like Doug Fir are sufficient for building simpler outdoor projects, like deck posts and fencing, if you’re more concerned with budget than style or longevity. Some projects though, require wood that’s up to the task. Outdoor furniture is a great example. Western red cedar lumber is great for building Adirondack chairs for many of the reasons listed above – particularly its resistance to bending and twisting. Western red cedar also provides the wood stability that allows you to make

Do your chairs fold?

No, our chairs do not fold. This is a question that I get a lot. Early on, I toyed with the idea of modifying our chairs to enable them to fold. Not because I saw a benefit, but simply because others are offering it and customers seemed to be intrigued by this feature. During the redesign process, I learned that areas of the chair need to be widened or narrowed to accommodate the fold. The armrest needed to be modified. Where two bolts currently support the bulk of the weight on the chair, only one can be used to accommodate the folding feature. The end result was an odd looking Adirondack chair that was much less stable than before the modifications.

 I have sold a steadily increasing number of replacement chairs to owners of failed folding wood chairs. I have learned that moving parts and a soft wood such as cedar is not a good combination if you are looking for a lifetime of enjoyment from your Adirondack chairs. I have heard several complaints of repeated folding leaving unsightly rub marks on the surface of the chair. I have heard stories of failure of the locking mechanism, resulting in the chair folding with the person sitting in it. But the biggest complaint I get with folding cedar chairs is elongation of bolt holes and loosening of hardware over time. Cedar is a soft wood and the repeated folding can elongate the load supporting bolt holes, leaving your chairs wobbly and unstable.

If you are interested in or intrigued by folding Adirondack chairs, I guess my question is why? Where are you going to take them? Sure, after folding, your Adirondack chair is flatter and longer but still far too bulky to take anywhere. Try to put a couple in your trunk. Western Red Cedar can withstand the elements. Leave them be. If protection with the winter elements or the summer sun is your concern, consider covers for your chairs.

Folding Adirondack chairs are a gimmick that reduces the structural integrity and longevity of your chairs. None of your other quality patio furniture folds, and neither should your adirondack chairs. Leave the folding to the beach chairs.

Why Oregon Patio Works?

At Oregon Patio Works, we take pride in creating beautiful products that are designed to provide many years of enjoyment. Too many products are created with the bottom dollar and low pricing in mind. There are many products available that offer very attractive discount pricing. With these discount products, money is saved in high speed production and sub-par materials. Thinner and lower quality material, budget fasteners, and production speed all help offer a lower price.  Unfortunately, they result in an unreliable product.
At Oregon Patio Works we refuse to utilize these cost saving practices because the end result is a product that will not last more than a season or two.  We pride ourselves in a product that we can stand behind. We pride ourselves in a product that will provide our customers with many years of enjoyment. After all, if you pay half of our price elsewhere on budget products but replace it five times as often, are you really saving money?
Check out or customer reviews on our website, our Facebook page, and Google to learn about the experience our previous customers have had with Oregon Patio Works. After all, the referral of previous customers is the best way to gauge the integrity of a business.  
Thank you for considering our products! Please contact us if you have any questions.